This selection of paintings from the last year deal with a sense of foreboding and terror reflected in the distorted eyes floating over forms reminiscent of faces, comprised of knots and tendrils in a spectrum of colors as if the dermis was suddenly and violently stripped away, leaving a chaotic storm of elements flailing in space. Phallic totems rise above the horizon, pushing their way into view, displaying proudly a leathered hide, seemingly impervious to the malign forces imposed upon others.   The title comes from an A.I. translation of English to Latin for the phrase ‘spectacle of the stripping of liberty’.

Contemplating the inevitable rise and demise of complex systems throughout history, my work explores notions of a manipulated, beautified world on the constant verge of collapse. Envisioning moments in time that reflect a tumult lurking just beneath the surface, threatening to rupture with magnificent force. A place where spiritual effluvia roams through space, leaving behind husks of the living things it once occupied, where new forms of life will again flourish in time. These images take on the familiar painting tropes of landscape, still life, nature painting, portraiture, architectural and history painting, rendering these various styles through the idiosyncratic lens of my particular brand of magic realism, wherein alien qualities abound in familiar formats.
This show will be on view from December 9h until January 6th 2022.

Join us as we present a collection of large scaled works by Anthony Hurd. They continue to explore the themes of identity and what makes us not only identify with the part that make up a portrait but the pieces we identify as individual human beings, and why. A practice in disassociating and detaching from what we think is "US"

This show will be on view from December 2nd 2022 until January 5th 2023.

A new capsule collection of 4 FEATURED works.

Artists Statement: The works in “Moments” are stripped down compared to my works from earlier this year. With this small series, I really wanted to create more subtle moments, but ones whose softness would contrast with harder emotions. They're moments full of longing, anger, grief, and self reflection. Technically, I think these are some of my most realistic works yet. This small series is a glimpse of what is to come.

Manuel Zamudio comes to us from the depths of the talent-rich city of McAllen, Texas. Born in Mexico City, DF, and has made his way to Texas since 1992 at the age of 5. While dealing with the challenges that often come with assimilating to a starkly different culture at a very young age, Zamudio found refuge by immersing himself in art. As a self-taught artist, he started perfecting his technique by replicating comic books, without knowing or understanding the human figure, and the concepts of color schemes. As he grew older, he started taking an interest in the urban culture of South Texas, learning color schemes, perception, shadow, and so on from local graffiti artists. At this point, Zamudio has taken his passion into a new path, storytelling. He has displayed his artwork in numerous galleries and museums in the United States and Mexico. His new line of work has been immensely inspired by great works of cinematography, street art, and post-apocalyptic sci-fi novels. Using portraits as a snapshot of his own movie, blending reality with the surreal. His new work will be exploring new methods on how to bring cinematography into a canvas. Manuel Zamudio is a painter, a muralist, and a storyteller.
This show will be on view from November 4th until November 25th 2022.

A new capsule collection of 7 works.

In Little Creatures, Juan immerses himself much more in his neo-Cubist compositions and brings us glimpses of a world that grows within his work. With some cute looking creatures created from his own style that resemble animals, without actually being animals. Where the satyr, and the vulgar coexist with beauty and what we choose to believe. "We are repetitive animals in a world where everything needs to be cataloged, labeled and validated, to be accepted"

Juan Manuel Sanabria, Corrientes, Argentina, 1984; is a contemporary artist, part of the new contemporary art movement, pop surrealism and cubism-digital.

 Owner of a masterful technique, Juan Manuel, presents us, in his works, his satirized vision of the current world. We can find in his art, characters in everyday situations, totally decomposed and digitized. Where by mixing colors, and geometries, with a hyper-realistic painting in a style that is totally recognizable, Juan Manuel gives us that magical and tragic sensation of what, according to him, is currently happening.
This show will be on view from October 28th until November 25th 2022.

A new capsule collection of 5 works.

In Kevin’s latest work he continues to explore the complexities and delicately balanced beauty that is life. Each landscape represents memories and also event not yet lived. The tension of texture come together to tell a story over sharply cut masks of color all dancing together to make a picturesque view.

Kevin Muñoz is a self taught artist who works in a folk realm of warm colors and loose textures to explore concepts of identity, longing and growth. His design background informs his practice as does his upbringing in Southern California to Guatemalan parents. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.
This show will be on view from October 7th until October 28th 2022.

A new capsule collection of new rugs and felted works

Fibers of noxious functions. This is a wonderfully silly collection of fiber art pieces from Audrey Montoya as she continues to explore various themes of combining her art and home life into one beautiful mess.

Albuquerque based artist, Audrey Montoya has been making monstrosities for the past several years. These monsters are created in reaction to the current state of everything; that bad hair cut she had in the 8th grade; and the way lucky charms are slimy and crunchy at the same time. These monsters take the form of anthropomorphic clouds, drooling wolf rugs, or digitally informed analog paintings. Realistic detail and cartoon abstraction make unsettling yet relatable monsters. Montoya is an emerging artist and is excited to receive her BFA in studio art from the University of New Mexico this spring.
This show will be on view from September 23rd until October 14th 2022.

A new capsule collection of 8 works.

Our brains are designed to recognize patterns and use these to make predictions, under this pretext our species is experiencing unprecedented fatigue after the pandemonium of the recent past. Thrown Bones, explores these precarious predictive desires through the symbolism of divination.

JP Morrison Lans, uses encaustic, color pencil and gouache to create realistic figurative depictions alongside abstract representations of womanhood, motherhood, sex, love, loss, self-preservation and knowing. Through orientation dissonance, inverted bodies reference circumspection, surrender, gestation, and metamorphosis. Morrison Lans renders hands frequently, as representatives of intention and action, along with symbolism of the mouth and teeth, the gateway between inner self and outer world, boundary and intimate entry point. Through her work, you are invited to experience this same push and pull between entering and observing from a distance.

Morrison Lans holds BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her work has been shown internationally, across the US and is in the permanent collection of the Bundaberg Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia. She has been an artist in residence with the School of Visual Arts, NY., Truro Art Center, MA., and Rockland Woods, WA. She and her five year old son can typically be found experimenting with encaustic and play-doh, respectively, from their home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This show will be on view from September 9th until October 7th 2022.

A new capsule collection of 5 works.

The Losing Battles series is an attempt to visualize the stress and burnout faced in everyday life surrounded by systems struggling to maintain their legitimacy. Fights we thought were over and won rear their heads into our lives endlessly on top of the stresses of the pursuit of necessities to live with dignity. Inner battles, rage, panic, and exhaustion are faced by all of us. The series attempts to visualize this pain openly and allow one to hurt. It’s better to hurt than to become numb.

Beedallo grew up on a prison farm in Los Chavez, New Mexico. Her roots are deep in the area and much of her work attempts to capture its stories and folk art and combine it with her own style. Beedallo has a BFA in illustration from the Southwest  University of Visual arts and has been based out of Albuquerque since 2016. 
This show will be on view from August 19th until September 16th 2022.

A new capsule collection of 6 beautiful works.

ALL SMILES is a collection of new colored pencil drawings on panel, capturing abstracted portraits and studies of the skulls underneath them. At a time when we are facing a rising tide of white Christian fascism, the skull felt like an appropriate subject for portraiture – a reminder of our limited time and an embrace of rich, vibrant color in spite of that. There is a magic and a mystery to this ludicrous life, if only we’d notice it.
Russ White is an artist and writer living in Minneapolis. Using primarily colored pencils and mixed media collage, White creates drawings that teeter between photorealistic rendering and expressive abstraction, attempting to unpack some of the privileges and prejudices around bodies, identities, and ideologies.
This show will be on view from August 5th 2022, to September 2nd 2022. 
Either, neither or both - New works by Sarah Jamison

A new capsule collection of 4 beautiful works.

Sarah’s exhibition, “Either, Neither or Both” explores the intricacies of the feminine experience. Combining symbols of femininity, myth, and contemporary imagery, this series celebrates and examines the nuanced narrative surrounding womanhood.
Sarah Jamison is a Washington, DC based artist whose artwork explores the notion of authentic experience and the human condition through the lens of contemporary life. Sarah is inspired by the emotion and conflict that underlies the mortal experience, and how it is expressed and interpreted through digital media. Using traditional fine arts mediums, Sarah weaves together Internet aesthetics and cultural artifacts to create work represents the dread, beauty and anxiety of existence in a hyper-connected and ever-evolving world.
This show will be on view from July 1st 2022, to July 29th 2022. 
OPENING June 3rd
WELP, IT's something - New works by Karl Deuble

A selection of 8 new works both online and in the gallery.

Karl Deuble is an Albuquerque based artist, print maker and musician who lives with his partner and their two cats. Born and raised in New Mexico, Karl’s artwork is inspired by skateboarding, graffiti, cats, cartoons, music, etc.  Using a variety of mediums in his work including acrylic, spray paint, screen printing, ink and graphite, Karl’s paintings begin as colorful, chaotic, abstract splatters of paint. Each subject he paints has an air of humor, foolishness, and/or dread, focusing on a person's inner, random thoughts and the mundane experiences of everyday life.

"Welp, It's Something" is a show about trying to create during a time of frustration, stress, laziness, and a lack of motivation and confidence. These insecurities go hand in hand with my struggle to create and grow as an artist so it was important for me to push through. While working on the pieces for this show I tried to be a tiny bit more kind to myself, and aimed to not overthink every step of my painting process, like I typically do. Celebrate the little victories because welp, it's something and something is better than nothing, right? 
This show will be on view from June 3rd 2022, to July 1st 2022. 

AN online exclusive solo presentation of new works.

Don't miss this show of Roberts newest work. We've been long time fans and collectors and are very excited to present this show. 

"I create work to make sense of things. Hope is hard to generate otherwise. As I work I follow the materials and allow them to guide decisions that ultimately provide the content of the work. I remain observant so that I can reallocate the darkness I feel into JOY. My goal is to make work that makes me feel something, whatever that might be at the time. This work was made over the past month while considering all the things that are happening in the world." - Robert Hardgrave
This show will be on view from April 22nd 2022, to May 20th 2022. 

AN online exclusive solo presentation of new works.

Solo Hike is a wonderfully gestural exploration into the depths of Joe Klockowski’s hikes through the Adirondacks and Catskill Mountains. Small yet powerful, there is a peacefulness and excitement to each piece. This show allowed Joe to reconnect with the emotional weight of being alone and immersed in the landscapes and finding beautiful moments of introspection in the stillness of it all.
This show will be on view from May 6th 2022, to May 3rd 2022. 
How to fold space - New works by Grady Gordon!

AN online exclusive solo presentation of new works.

HOW TO FOLD SPACE is a grouping of works that reflects a humans natural tendency to find a face in anything. 
I find strange and otherworldly, yet familiar, faces in any landscape.
This is referred to as Pareidolia- a humans ability to seek patterns in random information. My process as a monotype printmaker actually revolves around this phenomena. I pick out familiar objects and subtract them from a sea of black ink. These pieces examine how I have been influenced by different places I have visited. While anchoring my work in a reality, surreal elements continue to find their way into the compositions. The creation of these eleven pieces ask the viewer to be transported to a new location, finding the face they want to see in the fabric.
This show will be on view from April 8th 2022, to May 6th 2022. 
OPENING March 11th
WHYTHO - New works by artist Audrey Montoya!

AN online exclusive solo presentation of new works.
"Humorous, surreal, and sometimes exasperated monsters are realized through traditional and non traditional painting and fiber techniques. These monsters are created from virtually collaged physical and digital ephemera reformed into analog objects. My monsters represent the extraordinarily mundane; motherhood, loss of identity, grocery shopping. My work lives at the convergence of decorative object and hallowed fine art. A middle ground filled with realism and graphic abstraction. I take cues from memes, as I desire my work to be humorous and cathartic. These monsters arise with a confused yawn via watercolor, acrylic, oil, or yarn. Or some ungodly combination of all four."
This show will be on view from March 11th 2022, to April 8th 2022. 
OPENING February 4th
VERSUS - New works by artist "Bayo"

opening reception from 5 to 8PM
3218 San Mateo BLVD NE, Albuquerque New Mexico 87110
In his latest body of work, Bayo, through a series of portraits, explores the dissociation between humans and their environment, using the mind as the center of implosion and confrontation between the unconscious and subconscious, constantly infected by a distorted reality.
This show will be on view from February 4th 2022, to March 18th 2022. Aside from the opening event, we're Open by appointment 5 days a week. 
OPENING February 4th
VERSUS - New works by artist "AWAKE"

opening reception from 5 to 8PM
3218 San Mateo BLVD NE, Albuquerque New Mexico 87110
We present the Portland OR artists known as Awake for their first solo show ever. 
This show will be on view from February 4th 2022, to March 18th 2022. Aside from the opening event, we're Open by appointment 5 days a week. 

opening reception from 5 to 8PM
3218 San Mateo BLVD NE, Albuquerque New Mexico 87110
Join us Friday the 10th for the opening of our new group show The Shape of things! Intended as a look at shapes and shadows, light and dark, the object of reflection, inner and outer. We didn't ask artists to speak to the theme, we curated the show around artists who's work we believe speaks to it in it's own way.
Participating artists include: Eli McMullen, Adrian Landon Brooks, Sarah Jamison, Juan Sanabria, Frank Gonzales, Mike Egan, Monster Steve, Cutty up, Roos Van Der Vliet, Michael Koehler, Anthony Hurd, Eric Romero, Joshua Barrigada, Aaron Robert Baker, Robert Szot, Karl Deuble, Audrey Montoya, Suzanne M Falk, JP Morrison Lans, Tati Holt
This show will be on view from December 10th 2021, to January 14th 2022. Aside from the opening event, we're Open by appointment 5 days a week. 

opening reception from 5 to 8PM
3218 San Mateo BLVD NE, Albuquerque New Mexico 87110
Join us Friday the 5th for the opening of our local group show Destination Location! This show is featuring 1 larger work from 8 local artists.
Participating artists include:
Rocky Norton, Eric Romero, Kate Samuels, Karl Deuble, David Santiago, Jesse Littlebird, Johnpaul Gutierrez, Mr. Melty
This show will be on view from November 5th to November 26th. Aside from the opening event, we're Open by appointment 5 days a week. 
OPENING September 10th

opening reception from 5 to 8PM
3218 San Mateo BLVD NE, Albuquerque New Mexico 87110
Join us for the second group show at A. Hurd Gallery!
Participating artists include: Alex Pardee, A.L. Grime, Allison Sommers, Awake, Bayo, David Santiago, Eric Romero, Glenn Arthur, Jim Darling, Jeremiah Palecek, Jeremy Biggers, JP Morrison Lans, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Katie Green, Kevin Munoz, Marbie, Manuel Zamudio, Mathijs Vissers, PJ Fidler, Russ White, Sarah Jamison, Scott Greenwalt, Tania Rivilis, Zofi.
This show is a study in identity. What we relate to in our lives and how we identify with it. 

Please join us from 5 to 8PM on September 10th for the opening reception!
Otherwise the show will be available to view from September 10th to October 15th.
Open by appointment 5 days a week. 

opening reception from 5 to 8PM
3218 San Mateo BLVD NE, Albuquerque New Mexico 87110
Join us for the first group show at A. Hurd Gallery!
Participating artists include: Attaboy, Frank Gonzales, Anthony Hurd, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Manuel Zamudio, Sarah Jamison, Jaik Puppyteeth, Awake, Ken Garduno, Allison Bamcat, Karl Deuble, Grady Gordon, Brian Maclaskey, Alvaro Naddeo, Russell Morland, Gale Hart, Max Kauffman, Jaime Molina, and Max Lehman.
This show is a celebration of surviving the last year in a Global Pandemic. Many of us experienced a wide range of events and emotions. We formed new bonds, we grew in new ways, and we were forced to take the time to reevaluate our lives. Life is slowly getting back to normal, whatever that is, but we wanted to take a moment to reflect back on this last years experience.

Please join us from 5 to 8PM on June 11th for the opening reception!
Otherwise the show will be available to view from June 11th to July 30th. Open by appointment 5 days a week. 
April 16th to May 29th

3218 San Mateo BLVD NE, Albuquerque New Mexico 87110
Anthony Hurd shares their abstracted views on the world as they know it. They're reflecting on coming out of the closet at the age of 19 and sneaking into gar bars. Having that experience of being able to be themselves for the first time in their lives in terms of their sexuality, but it also just broadened their personality by slowly learning who they are outside of the heteronormative society. 

With these works, they bring in their influences of skateboarding and music culture to clash with their gay experiences. While there was a lot of freedom in coming out, there was also a lot of struggle in finding out where they fit in, and how. Mostly it's a strange nostalgic journey that expresses a lot of comical experiences with a dark and abstracted twist.
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