Apr - May
opening: Friday, April 16th 2021 - 5pm to 8pm
I was born in a gay bar - new works by Anthony Hurd 

Anthony Hurd shares their abstracted views on the world as they know it. They're reflecting on coming out of the closet at the age of 19 and sneaking into gay bars. Having that experience of being able to be themself for the first time in their life in terms of they're  sexuality, but it also just broadened his personality by slowly learning who they are outside the heteronormative society. 
With these works, they bring in their influence of skateboarding, and music culture to clash with their gay experiences. While there was a lot of freedom in coming out, there was also a lot of struggle in finding out where they fit in, and how. Mostly it's a strange nostalgic journey that expresses a lot of comical experience with a slightly dark and abstracted twist. 
While the physical space is open to the public, masks and social distancing will be mandatory. In addition, while some drinks will be served, food will not, as we don't want to take the chance of any cross contamination.
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