June - July
opening: Friday, June 11th 2021

It’s 2021, we survived um, some things, sorta, but they’re mostly still going on and happening all around us. What a year, what a world. In the year previous to this date we've made connections with folks, old and new, beyond what we had previously expected. Bonded you may say. Over the insanity, over self care, over supportive words to fellow artists trying to make a living during a global pandemic, screaming into the void. It’s been a “journey” as they might say and a rather beautiful one at that really. Amidst struggles many of us found beauty, and it’s really worth exploring how bizarre our reality truly is. So we bring you “What a weird time to be alive” a reflection of the rollercoaster of life, in all it’s gorgeous insanity. 
This is not a themed show, as in we did not ask any artists to think along any specific lines. What we did do is curate the show with these ideas in mind and knew that in their own way, each artist would speak to the title uniquely.
Artists: Attaboy, Frank Gonzales, Anthony Hurd, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Manuel Zamudio, Sarah Jamison, Jaik Puppyteeth, Awake, Ken Garduno, Allison Bamcat, Karl Deuble, Grady Gordon, Brian Maclaskey, Max Lehman, Alvaro Naddeo, Russell Morland, Gale Hart, Max Kauffman, Jaime Molina.
If you are interested in purchasing a specific piece of work, please email contact@ahurdgallery.com 
All emails will be answered in the order in which they are receive. Once purchased the works will be marked as sold. You'll be contacted when show is coming down on July 30th once we've calculated the shipping costs and invoice you for that prior to it's shipping unless otherwise specified. Thank you!
16x20" Colored pencil, gouache, ink, paint pen, flashe
Artist: Sarah Jamison (She/Her)
PRICE: 2000.00
I have become death the destroyer of worlds
16x20" oil on panel
Artist: Manuel Zamudio (He/Him)
PRICE: 1300.00
13x17" Watercolor on paper, 16x20" framed
Artist: Alvaro Naddeo (He/Him)

PRICE: 1250.00
16x20" acrylic and aerosol on wood panel
Artist: Anthony Hurd (They/Them)
PRICE: 1800.00
These things can help us get through
16x20" Gouache on Arches paper stretched over wood panel
Artist: Lurk (He/Him)
PRICE: 1500.00
Metamorphic No.18
27"x5"x5' Acrylic on hand carved wood
Artist: Attaboy (He/Him)
PRICE: 575.00
Dying To Say Goodbye To You
16x20" Acrylic on Wood
Artist: Mike Egan (He/Him)
PRICE: 1600.00
16x20" oil on canvas
Artist: Jaik Puppyteeth (He/Him)
PRICE: 1000.00
16x20" Oil, spray, and acrylics on board
Artist: Juan Sanabria (He/him)
PRICE: 1300.00
16x20" acryla gouche and airbrush on wood.
Artist: Allison Bamcat (She/Her)
PRICE: 1800.00
Lapse of Treason
16x20" Gouache and water based spray paint on canvas. Artist: Max Kauffman (He/Him)
PRICE: 1600.00
in the night, the whir adjacent
16x20" Monotype, Framed.
Artist: Grady Gordon (He/Him)
PRICE: 1000.00
Artist: Ken Garduno (He/Him)
PRICE: 1000.00
The Knower
16x20" Mixed Media on Panel
Artist: Frank Gonzales (He/Him)
PRICE: 2100.00
30" x 8" x 8" Acrylic tubing and aluminum
Artist: Gale Hart (She/Her)
PRICE: 1500.00
Reasons & People
16x20" Acrylic on linen
Artist: Awake (He/Him)
PRICE: 850.00
Everything Was Just Fine
16x20" Acrylic, spray paint, and graphite on wood panel
Artist: Karl Deuble (He/Him)
PRICE: 750.00
Watch The World Go By
11x14" Ink on paper unframed, 16x20" framed
Artist: Brian Maclaskey (He/Him)
PRICE: 650.00
16x20" Acrylic on wood
Artist: Jaime Molina "Cuttyup" (He/Him)
PRICE: 1500.00
And the Frog God Wept
32"h x14"w x16"d Ceramic, paint, wire
Artist: Max Lehman (He/Him)
PRICE: 6500.00
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