CURRENT shows:
OPENING June 17th
HOODIE - New works by GALE HART

An Online Exclusive show of 7 new works.

In these modern times it is nearly impossible to hide our identity because of technology. Security cameras are installed on our homes, in parks, on the streets, and in other public places, and facial recognition is on the brink of becoming part of our everyday lives. Today there is even facial recognition software that can see through fabric. Some people resist this intrusion by creating bizarre ways of hiding themselves with prosthetic facial features, phantom glasses to block the technology, hoods and masks, and many other ways. Yet, millions of us chronicle certain moments in our lives with a selfie or story and load it onto social media so that it can be seen and heard by everyone. Putting ourselves out in public yet concealing aspects of ourselves is a daily practice. We mislead, deny, or omit to avoid exposing our true identity.  
GALE HART (b. Lansing, Michigan, 1956) is a self-taught artist based in Sacramento, CA. Her work primarily focuses on the political and social issues of contemporary life, to include the hypocrisy and injustices of this country.
A childhood fascination with creating objects out of nuts, bolts, scrap metal and wood evolved into an intensely energetic creative drive. From metal sculpture to monumental canvases, Gale Hart’s repertoire of visual images grabs, engages, and speaks volumes about universal humanity. A narrative characterized by humor, angst and sarcasm presents itself through a constantly evolving cast of characters and subject matters.
This show will be on view from June 17th 2022, to July 15th 2022. 
OPENING June 3rd
WELP, IT's something - New works by Karl Deuble

A selection of 8 new works both online and in the gallery.

Karl Deuble is an Albuquerque based artist, print maker and musician who lives with his partner and their two cats. Born and raised in New Mexico, Karl’s artwork is inspired by skateboarding, graffiti, cats, cartoons, music, etc.  Using a variety of mediums in his work including acrylic, spray paint, screen printing, ink and graphite, Karl’s paintings begin as colorful, chaotic, abstract splatters of paint. Each subject he paints has an air of humor, foolishness, and/or dread, focusing on a person's inner, random thoughts and the mundane experiences of everyday life.

"Welp, It's Something" is a show about trying to create during a time of frustration, stress, laziness, and a lack of motivation and confidence. These insecurities go hand in hand with my struggle to create and grow as an artist so it was important for me to push through. While working on the pieces for this show I tried to be a tiny bit more kind to myself, and aimed to not overthink every step of my painting process, like I typically do. Celebrate the little victories because welp, it's something and something is better than nothing, right? 
This show will be on view from June 3rd 2022, to July 1st 2022. 

AN online exclusive solo presentation of new works.

Don't miss this show of Roberts newest work. We've been long time fans and collectors and are very excited to present this show. 

"I create work to make sense of things. Hope is hard to generate otherwise. As I work I follow the materials and allow them to guide decisions that ultimately provide the content of the work. I remain observant so that I can reallocate the darkness I feel into JOY. My goal is to make work that makes me feel something, whatever that might be at the time. This work was made over the past month while considering all the things that are happening in the world." - Robert Hardgrave
This show will be on view from April 22nd 2022, to May 20th 2022. 

AN online exclusive solo presentation of new works.

Solo Hike is a wonderfully gestural exploration into the depths of Joe Klockowski’s hikes through the Adirondacks and Catskill Mountains. Small yet powerful, there is a peacefulness and excitement to each piece. This show allowed Joe to reconnect with the emotional weight of being alone and immersed in the landscapes and finding beautiful moments of introspection in the stillness of it all.
This show will be on view from May 6th 2022, to June 3rd 2022. 
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