CURRENT shows:

A new capsule collection of 5 works.

My personal work deals largely with the struggle of change. Change in environment, culture, and within myself. I typically start with a small sketch and expand them with large blocks of color onto wood. My style is largely inspired by the traditional southwestern and Native American art, tapestries, and sculpture which was passed down and decorated my home and the homes of my loved ones. Much of my work is an attempt to archive emotions that encompass my life through the years that I would have trouble expressing with words. 

Beedallo grew up in Los Chavez New Mexico, a small strip of farmland between the village of Los Lunas and the city of Belen. She received her BFA in Illustration from the Southwest University of Art in 2018, and has been operating under the name Beedallo for the entirety of her career. Her clients include the Australian experimental noise band Pleasure and the New Zealand pop singer Benee. She has primarily been showing locally in New Mexico where she resides. 

This show will be on view from August 19th until September 16th 2022.

A new capsule collection of 6 beautiful works.

ALL SMILES is a collection of new colored pencil drawings on panel, capturing abstracted portraits and studies of the skulls underneath them. At a time when we are facing a rising tide of white Christian fascism, the skull felt like an appropriate subject for portraiture – a reminder of our limited time and an embrace of rich, vibrant color in spite of that. There is a magic and a mystery to this ludicrous life, if only we’d notice it.
Russ White is an artist and writer living in Minneapolis. Using primarily colored pencils and mixed media collage, White creates drawings that teeter between photorealistic rendering and expressive abstraction, attempting to unpack some of the privileges and prejudices around bodies, identities, and ideologies.

This show will be on view from August 5th until September 2nd 2022. 
Either, neither or both - New works by Sarah Jamison

A new capsule collection of 4 beautiful works.

Sarah’s exhibition, “Either, Neither or Both” explores the intricacies of the feminine experience. Combining symbols of femininity, myth, and contemporary imagery, this series celebrates and examines the nuanced narrative surrounding womanhood.
Sarah Jamison is a Washington, DC based artist whose artwork explores the notion of authentic experience and the human condition through the lens of contemporary life. Sarah is inspired by the emotion and conflict that underlies the mortal experience, and how it is expressed and interpreted through digital media. Using traditional fine arts mediums, Sarah weaves together Internet aesthetics and cultural artifacts to create work represents the dread, beauty and anxiety of existence in a hyper-connected and ever-evolving world.
This show will be on view from July 1st 2022, to July 29th 2022. 
OPENING June 3rd
WELP, IT's something - New works by Karl Deuble

A selection of 8 new works both online and in the gallery.

Karl Deuble is an Albuquerque based artist, print maker and musician who lives with his partner and their two cats. Born and raised in New Mexico, Karl’s artwork is inspired by skateboarding, graffiti, cats, cartoons, music, etc.  Using a variety of mediums in his work including acrylic, spray paint, screen printing, ink and graphite, Karl’s paintings begin as colorful, chaotic, abstract splatters of paint. Each subject he paints has an air of humor, foolishness, and/or dread, focusing on a person's inner, random thoughts and the mundane experiences of everyday life.

"Welp, It's Something" is a show about trying to create during a time of frustration, stress, laziness, and a lack of motivation and confidence. These insecurities go hand in hand with my struggle to create and grow as an artist so it was important for me to push through. While working on the pieces for this show I tried to be a tiny bit more kind to myself, and aimed to not overthink every step of my painting process, like I typically do. Celebrate the little victories because welp, it's something and something is better than nothing, right? 
This show will be on view from June 3rd 2022, to July 1st 2022. 

AN online exclusive solo presentation of new works.

Don't miss this show of Roberts newest work. We've been long time fans and collectors and are very excited to present this show. 

"I create work to make sense of things. Hope is hard to generate otherwise. As I work I follow the materials and allow them to guide decisions that ultimately provide the content of the work. I remain observant so that I can reallocate the darkness I feel into JOY. My goal is to make work that makes me feel something, whatever that might be at the time. This work was made over the past month while considering all the things that are happening in the world." - Robert Hardgrave
This show will be on view from April 22nd 2022, to May 20th 2022. 
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