In 2015 I got out of an 18 year relations. Pretty much the definition of my adult life. A major change and shift that I'm still adjusting to now in 2016. This brought on a lot of internal struggles in identifying who I am outside of the confines of a realtionship. It made me look at my whole entire life in a different manor. It shook me to the core really. I felt like I could no longer be the person I was for so man years. The things I brought into my relationship as chidlhood scares and insecurities had to fall away. Everything had to be torn apart and rebuild from the ground up and I was to be reborn little by little. One old bad broken pattern at a time.. This is a direct expression of the process. 
Darkest night of the souls etrnal journey - 35x56" acrylic on canvas - sold. 
Rebirth - 34x56" acrylic on canvas. Sold. 
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